We’re a group of food-loving geeks building the future of consumer-driven retail. We truly believe in our ability to change the world with the help of modern technology.

Digital Foodie Ltd. was founded in 2009 by a group of serial entrepreneurs. We are venture-backed by investors Veraventure, Veturi Venture Accelerator and Tekes. Since the beginning we have had a dream – make buying food as easy as a personal concierge would make it while helping helping grocery retailers grow their business online.
Today we employ grocery industry experts and technology specialists in four locations and work closely with supermarket chains and local stores in several countries helping them to grow their business.

Foodie.fm has grown to a customizable and scalable eCommerce and customer-loyalty platform, receiving awards for the best user experience in 2015, best online store of the year in 2013, and comet of the year in 2012. Our proprietary recommendation technology is praised by IGD Retail Analyses.
In addition to world-class online grocery platform, we and our partners will help you with product photography and data capturing, business and marketing planning, process optimization and store training.

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